Sesa Jewellery which was established in 2001, to carry out the production with high-quality and original jewellery; As of today offers products in many regions across Turkey and quickly respond to demand from clients. Sesa Jewellery which is one of the new and modern business plazas and located in Vision Park Istanbul achieves the production of jewellery in very different categories from 8 carat to 22 carat in the modern production facilities. Sesa Jewellery which produced both gold and silver jewelry with team mates who specialized in its own field works with an understanding valued eveything above the satisfaction of its customers at home and abroad. Sesa Jewellery shows under the understanding of after-sales service more than importance given to the sale as well as proceeding fast but in a controlled in a short time . Sesa Jewellery following world jewelry trends with professional design team, sometimes coming out of the trends, setting out an unique line; is in its attempt to make the brand more known not only within the borders of the country in recent history but also the international jewelry market